Field (of) Ethnomusicology at Liberty University has 9 out of 10 items on iTunes (11 if one counts the Bible app as the first item).


The study of various philosophical approaches in the practice of ethnomusicology.  Primary emphasis is given to research of the history of the discipline, comparative analysis, and readings of some major contributors in the field of ethnomusicology.

Items on iTunes

3 Introduction to the Field of Ethnomusicology – 6:51

4 Defining the Field of Ethnomusicology – 4:55

5 Methods of Analysis – 6:13

6 Why Suya Sing – 4:33

7 Historical Ethnomusicology and Music Transmission – 5:36

8 The Crisis of Representation – 6:01

9 Seize the Dance – 5:36

10 Recent Directions – 7:59

11 Final Project – 3:31

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