“10 years old Denisa is an outcast in many ways. She is an illegal citizen of a gypsy camp in Poland, but most of all – she doesn’t speak as no one has ever diagnosed her with severe hearing disabilities. She lives in a world of her own, full of rhythm and dance, imitating the glamorous women from Bollywood DVDs she found in a nearby garbage. Dancing she can be anyone she wants, even a queen, escape from the harsh reality and finally express what she can’t say – joy, sadness and fear.


Denisa Gabor plays herself in the movie.  The director and writer is Agnieszka Zwiefka.  Heino Deckert is the producer.


It premiered last year (23 November) at IDFA in Amsterdam.

I think I found a way to order the Film.


3 thoughts on “Films I Want to See – Queen of Silence

  1. Actually I wasn’t able to buy the DVD of this movie. The distributors, Deckert, only accept PayPal and a bank transfer. I couldn’t get my USA PayPal account to work with a Romania shipping address. I set up a new PayPal account for Romania but PayPal won’t accept my Romanian card. My US bank charges US$20 for a transfer which is a bit expensive for a €26 order. Sigh! If anyone knows of a different source for the movie please let me know.


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