Mulham Volunteer Team

This group works with refugee children, mainly in camps, in Jordan and Turkey.  They are less art focused but the carnivals they hold for the children do include theatre and face painting.

Syria’s Next Generation

This is a good BBC article about work with refugee children in Jordan and Lebanon by an international group of volunteers.

“Five daily workshops she designed relate to child-friendly conflict resolution theories:

  • arts and crafts use urban-planning tools to redesign destroyed neighbourhoods after the war, working with neighbours of all religions and backgrounds to meet everyone’s needs
  • photography teaches multiple perspectives
  • music encompasses music-therapy techniques to soothe, and basic music theory to teach that diverse people who never studied instruments can work together to create one beat
  • sports and team-building show that working together creates more success, strength and trust

She summed up with a wink: “Cemeteries no, rainbows yes.”

Photo by Lauren Gelfond Feldinger (@laurengelfond)

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