No, not Georgia in the USA but Georgia in the Caucasus.

The Trio Mandili is not a new find for me.  I have been listening to their music for the last several months.  Their first video Aprareka has bee viewed on YouTube more than 2 million times.  It was filmed on a road in the country using a phone.


Anna Chincharauli, Tatia Mgeladze and Shorena Tsikarauli are three girls who became popular in Georgia owing to a music video posted online. In just two weeks, the video, in which the girls perform a Georgian folk song, gathered a million views. Overnight, the three friends became celebs featured in top-rated Georgian TV and radio shows.

How was the video shot? In a very simple way: Anna and Tatia came over to Shorena’s summer house in the town of Tskhvarichamiya near Tbilisi. They were walking down a country road. The weather was great and the view was splendid. The girls felt like singing. And so they did. Tatia recorded a selfie video, and then uploaded the recording to the internet. That was it. And it is this video footage that changed the lives of the three friends dramatically…

“It was a folk-style ballad, one typical of Georgia’s highlands, specifically the northwestern Khevsureti region. It is the tale of a mystical encounter involving a young man called Apareka.

Two of the trio’s singers, Shorena Chincharauli, 19, and Ani Tsiskarauli, 16, hail from that medieval-tower-dotted, mountainous part of this South-Caucasus country.

“Look up in the sky, Apareka, look how the moon rests on the Datvisjvari mountain pass,” the third singer, 19-year-old Tatuli Mgeladze belts out in a vigorous, low-pitch voice. “I will be your mate tonight, let’s talk through the night.”…

Some social media users from Georgia, where harmonic singing is almost daily fare, had a hard time understanding all the fuss about the Mandili Trio’s video. And despite foreigners’ demands for the lyrics, even Georgian viewers had trouble understanding all of the lyrics. The trio sing in a Khevsur dialect, and some words are not clear to ordinary native Georgian speakers.”

(Click the Eurasia net link to watch the interview video.  It is very good and has English voice over and captions.)

(The same article is available in Russian –

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