It likely is a coincidence that my two favourite Romanian musicians are both named Adi.

Adi Matis is one of the music leaders at our small church in Romania.  He is also an assistant director at The Smiles Foundation.

Adi Gliga is my other favourite Romanian artist.  He had a difficult life growing up.  You can read more about it at his website.

Adi Gliga posts many of his music videos online on YouTube.

Here are links to three four five of my favourite ones on YouTube.  (I could not narrow it down to three or four.)

Adi Gliga – Catalin Ciuculescu – Sami Barani – Te iubesc ( I Love You)

Adi Gliga – Inimă de piatră (Heart of Stone)

Adi Gliga BAND – Soarele va răsări (The Sun will Rise)

Adi Gliga – Întunericul nu va birui (The Darkness will not Conquer)

Adi Gliga – Eu și un defect (Me and a Flaw)

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