YEGNAየኛ (pronounced YEN-YA and meaning “ours”) is a girl band in Ethiopia. But they are much more than a band.  They are also a brand.


Here is one of their videos with a special guest, Haile Roots (reggae singer), released in April 2013.

Abet – አቤት

The five women play specific characters who have a history and who interact with each other in the radio dramas (see Part 2).  This  is similar to the Spice Girls and The Monkees but the main difference is the purpose for the music.  Their purpose is to raise the status of girls and women.

Teref Kassahun Tsegaye plays Melat (age 26) “a sophisticated socialite with an attitude to match”

Lemlem Haile Micheal plays Mimi (age 26) “streetwise street-girl, surviving on her wits”

Zebiba Girma plays Emuya (age 22) “effervescent Emuye has to cope with a physically abusive father”

Eyerusalem Kelemework plays Sara (age 27) “studious (one) stifled by her overprotective family”

Rahel Getu plays Lemlem (age 22) “a caring country-girl… struggling to balance duties at home and her life in the band”

‘Yegna’- A musical band of five girls “The sound of all of us”

Their music has gotten lots of plays on radio, views on DireTube and YouTube and has won awards.  Here is their second music video – Taitu.

Taitu – ጣይቱ

Here is a 2015 song.

Sidet – ስደት

WARNING: I do not read or write Amharic.  I tried to be careful to copy out the correct words from the Amharic text
and I double checked the words but …

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