On 24 August 2015 Adama Sankoh was released from an Ebola treatment centre in Makeni​, Sierra Leone.

(Alie Turay / Associated Press)

She was the last confirmed Ebola case.  Now the country waits during a 42 day period to make sure that there are no new cases.

(WHO / M. Harris)

Here is the video posted by International Medical Corps.

Published on Aug 25, 2015

On August 24, 2015, the last known patient with Ebola in the entire country of Sierra Leone stepped out of the treatment center after having recovered from the disease. If no new cases are diagnosed in the next 42 days, Sierra Leone can finally be declared Ebola free. In this video, International Medical Corps Ebola workers celebrate with Adama, the Ebola survivor, as she walks out of the Ebola Treatment Center for the last time.

As you can see from this graphic below from the WHO, only Guinea is still reporting new cases of Ebola.

World Health Organization – Ebola Situation Report – 26 August 2015

Hopefully, there also will be celebratory singing and dancing in Guinea very soon.

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