In my May 2015 post I wrote “My Favourite Australian Aboriginal Singer – Gurrumul”.  Here is some more information.

There is an interview on NPR (National Public Radio) in the US.

There is also an interview on  FBi radio 94.5 (Sydney, Australia) but I cannot get it to play.  Perhaps one of you will have more success.  It is number 177 on FBi Music Interviews  iTunes Podcasts –  It is also supposed to be available from

Shortly after I published this I discovered a link to a BBC interview on Skinny Fish Music.

Here is a recent music video.


Here is an earlier video when he performed with Sting.  Some of you may find this hard to believe but I know more about Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu than I know about Sting.  I assume Sting is some famous musician.  Later on I will write a blog post about the importance of intertextuality in music.


Since Christmas is coming up soon I will post links to Silent Night sung with Delta Goodrem.

Here is a longer audio version.

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