On 25 August 2015 I wrote a post about a patient and medical staff celebrating the release of the last patient and starting the countdown to being Ebola free – Singing and Dancing with Ebola.  If there were no Ebola cases for 42 days the country would be declared Ebola free.  Now almost three months later I am writing again.  It wasn’t until 7 November that Sierra Leone had 42 days with no new cases.  Again they celebrated with singing and dancing.

I especially like the hearse driver at 1:40 in the video.

On the same day, 7 November, the BBC reported that the last Ebola case in Guinea had tested negative twice so the 42 day countdown had started.  She was a three week old baby whose mother was infected and died after giving birth.

Liberia had been declared Ebola free on 9 May 2015 but then there were more cases but on 3 September Liberia was again declared Ebola free.  Yesterday, 20 November, three new cases were reported in Liberia.

I hope and pray that soon all three countries will be rejoicing.

3 thoughts on “Singing and Dancing with Ebola – Part 2

  1. Yesterday, I reported that Liberia had been declared Ebola free. Today, the BBC reported that a case of death by Ebola has been confirmed in Sierra Leone. Now they will try to track down contacts and put people in isolation again waiting to see whether they are infected. If no one else has the disease then the 42 day time period with no new infections has to finish before the country can be declared Ebola free again.


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