Christianity Today online on 13 December 2017 published an article by Stephanie L. Derrick –

Christmas and Cricket: Rediscovering Two Lost C. S. Lewis Articles After 70 Years

In the article she writes about two C. S. Lewis articles she discovered in the magazine The Strand.  She found the articles whilst doing research for her dissertation at the University of Stirling. Her book, The Fame of C. S. Lewis: A Controversialist’s Reception in Britain and America, based on her dissertation research will be published by Oxford University Press.  One Lewis article is

“A Christmas Sermon for Pagans”

Her description made me want to find and read the article. The article only indicates that the article was published shortly after World War II.  First I looked for online copies of The Strand.  Some are available at Project Gutenberg but none after the second world war.  The Hathi Trust Digital Library has later issues but these are not available publicly due to copyright restrictions.  I searched the volume 112 which was published 1946-1947 October-March and found that the words “sermon” and “pagans” appeared on page 30 but I did not get access to that page.

I found that Joel Heck has an online PDF The Complete Works of C. S. Lewis.  In that PDF he lists –

“258. “A Christmas Sermon for Pagans,” The Strand, Vol. 112, No. 672. December 1946.”

However, I am not able to find an online version but Derrick indicates that it “is due to be reprinted in VII: The Journal of the Marion E. Wade Center in January 2018.”

Derrick’s 2013 dissertation, The Reception of C. S. Lewis in Britain and America, from the University of Stirling is due to be available starting 1 January 2018 from STORRE (Stirling Online Research Repository).

“Cricketer’s Progress: A Famous Reputation and What Became of It”

This article was published under a pseudonym, Clive Hamilton, a pseudonym that Lewis had used before.  Derrick indicates that nowhere in The Strand is the article attributed to Lewis but an index lists the author as Lewis.

This article on cricket is not listed in Joel Heck’s The Complete Works of C. S. Lewis.  I did not find it in a search of The Strand issues.  If I find out more I will comment on this post. If you find out more please add it in a comment.  Thanks.

One thought on “Two “Lost” C. S. Lewis Articles

  1. It is 2018 and a calendar alarm reminded me that Derrick’s dissertation is available starting today. I checked STORRE’s website and the dissertation could be read online or downoaded. I searched for the article on cricket but did not find it. A search did not show any information on Lewis’ article “A Christmas Sermon for Pagans”.


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